Jun 01, 2022 | By, For Pet's Sake

When is pet insurance right for you?

Nobody likes a bill or a hefty tab at the doctor’s office. That’s why many people spend plenty of time searching for an insurance policy that covers the medical expenses they see in their future. If you own a pet or are thinking about getting one, you might want diligently research pet insurance too.

Some breeds are more vulnerable to disease than others. Some have specific weaknesses or risks. For example, breeds with shorter legs and longer bodies tend to have back problems. Breeds with shorter noses often struggle to breathe. You can check out the health concerns for several different breeds by clicking here.

Don’t let the potential medical bills prevent you from getting the pet you want the most. Just know that your choice could come with consequences without the right insurance policy. When considering a comprehensive or accident-only policy, or skipping insurance altogether, think about how you imagine you’ll need to care for your pet.

Wellness visits

Regular wellness visits are highly recommended by veterinarians simply because they allow you to build a relationship with a doctor and maintain records of your pet. These wellness visits are good for monitoring weight, allergies, new bumps or marks, and general behavior. Most plans don’t cover your annual visits though, so make sure to ask about adding that coverage to your policy.


Immunizations are often required or at least recommended based on the lifestyle of your pet. Each vaccination costs money, and each one has its own booster schedule beyond the initial dose.  


Accidents happen throughout the course of an animal’s life. Something could happen at the dog park. Perhaps your pet ate something they shouldn’t have. Maybe they chipped a tooth on one of their toys. If surgery is necessary, you’ll need to pay for anesthesia, the doctors to perform the procedure, and the medication to help your pet recover. That could mean hundreds or thousands of dollars out of your pocket if you don’t have an insurance policy to cover it. Try manipulating your deductible to lock in a monthly bill that’s comfortable and a price tag at the doctor’s office that you aren’t scared to pay when the time comes.

Emergency care

The more urgent a procedure is, the more likely it will cost more because of the type of doctor you have to see and when you have to see them. Overnight and emergency facilities tend to charge more, but of course, no price is too high to protect your beloved pet. Nobody can foresee medical emergencies either, so this is probably the biggest reason why pet insurance could be useful.

Prescription medication

Insurance plans won’t cover every type of medication, but they can provide some relief on some of the prescriptions written by your veterinarian. These generally aren’t the most expensive part of medical costs, but they can add up if your pet needs medicine for a chronic condition. 

Every owner should evaluate their pet and discuss medical needs with their veterinarian to determine which insurance plan, if any, is right for them.

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