Sep 15, 2021 | By, For Pet's Sake

Ways to make your senior pet feel loved during Senior Pet Wellness Month

September is Senior Pet Wellness Month, which gives you even more reason to spoil your veteran of the pet world. As the years have passed, your pet may have become slower and developed some health issues, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating their long life!

Every day is a chance to be thankful for your furry friend, so demonstrate that this month, on their birthday, and every other day of the year!

Cuddle on the porch

Regular exercise is still very important, but your pet probably doesn’t have that puppy energy anymore. Their joints also deteriorate with age, and some pets develop arthritis that makes movement painful. Skip the long hikes, curl up with a book or a movie on your phone, and soak up the moments with your pet laying on your lap.

Private play sessions

Avoid busy dog parks. Some pets become anti-social as they get older, opting for a nice nap instead of a young dog barking in their face and bouncing around on the turf. Playing in your yard or with a lifelong friend is likely a more fun choice for your aging pet.

Take lots of pictures and videos

Every moment is one to treasure and appreciate. The good news is that you probably know how to make your pet sit still by now. If you don’t, they may act more tired in the mornings and evenings than they did in their youth, so take advantage of those times to snap some adorable pictures.

Give them their favorite meal

As long as your pet isn’t on any age-related diet restrictions, give them a taste of the good stuff. Balancing calories and frivolous treats with decreased mobility is a challenge, but an occasional cheat day won’t hurt.

Massage time

Aging muscles and joints long for a soothing massage. Watch your pet melt into the floor (or bed) as you rub their neck, back, and legs. This will make them feel loved and can relieve some of the discomfort associated with arthritis and general fatigue.

Buy them a new bed

A comfortable place to sleep is great for an aging body. The only reason you might not want to invest in an expensive new bed is if your pet has developed bladder problems in old age.

Treats with a purpose

Some treats taste great and improve your pet’s health, too! Look for treats that promote mobility or cognitive strength and give them to your pet as often as possible.

Watch your pet do a puzzle

This is nothing like watching a human complete a puzzle. You’ll enjoy seeing your pet’s brain work while they try to figure out how to remove the treats from the contraption you’ve given them. These puzzles stimulate your pet’s mind, prevent boredom, and improve their confidence.

Age is inevitable. You’ll eventually need to look out for symptoms that signal a need for a veterinarian. Consistently paying attention to your pet as they age is important because older animals are more susceptible to developing certain diseases. Regular visits to the vet are recommended, even if you don’t notice anything abnormal. Between those visits to the vet, enjoy every moment you can by celebrating the life of your beloved pet!

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