Mar 01, 2024 | By, For Pet's Sake

Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month: Keep these items away from your pet and watch for these symptoms

It is no secret our pets love to snack, and owners know they are no strangers to snacking on things they shouldn’t. While our pets generally have strong immune systems, certain items can pose serious health risks if consumed.

March celebrates Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month, and like humans, many foods and products can induce severe illnesses in pets, from kidney failure to death. Preventing pet poisoning begins with maintaining a safe living environment. Here are the most common foods and items poisonous to pets and poison symptoms to be aware of.

Foods and items poisonous to pets

Signs of poisoning

Pet owners should always be aware of their pet’s behavior and any changes to it. Signs your pet may have been poisoned include:

If your pet is showing any signs of poisoning, contact a veterinarian immediately.

A single swallow or bite can cost your pet’s life. Education and maintaining a poison-proof home are key to keeping our furry companions safe and alive. Spread awareness of Pet Poison Prevention Month every day of the year by educating others, storing dangerous items away from your pet, and keeping them in safe environments! 

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