Aug 01, 2022 | By, For Pet's Sake

Make your dog feel loved on Spoil Your Dog Day!

As a pet owner, it’s probably really hard not to spoil your pet on a daily basis. But in case you have been too busy to show your pet all the love they deserve, Aug. 10 is the day to make up for it!

Spoil Your Dog Day on Aug. 10 is a great reminder to always demonstrate how grateful you are for the pets in your life. Here are several ways you can show your dog how much you love them.

Refresh their toy bin

Your dog might have 20 to 30 toys laying around the house or in a basket in the corner. Yet, it’s that fresh-smelling, unblemished toy you bring home from the store that always grabs their attention. That’s because dogs have demonstrated in studies that they strongly prefer new objects to old ones. They’re curious and observant animals, after all.

Buy their favorite treats

As for treats, anything that smells good will suffice in a dog’s mind. Over the years, they’ve probably shown some kind of affinity toward a particular flavor though. Grab a new bag of treats, practice some tricks, and let your dog live their best life.

Go on an ice cream date

While it’s still summer, don’t miss out on the chance to spoil your dog with some ice cream. Check with your veterinarian about any dietary restrictions, and definitely check the ingredients for any toxic ingredients, such as chocolate. Vanilla ice cream is generally safe for dogs, and there are some dog-specific gelatos on the market too!

Buy them a puzzle

Work, you say? Yes, dogs love jobs. In fact, many dogs were specifically bred to complete certain tasks like herding or hunting. Satisfy that desire to work by giving your pet a puzzle toy that challenges their mind before rewarding them with the treats they’ve uncovered. 

Take them to a park

When dogs have nothing better to do, they often choose to sleep. Spice up your dog’s day and take them for a romp in the park. If you go to an off-leash area, they can get some great exercise and run out some of their extra energy.

Play dates

Meeting other dogs is a necessary part of socialization for your pet. If you’ve properly socialized your dog from an early age, they likely will enjoy dog parks and individual play dates. For adult dogs who missed their socialization period, one-on-one play dates can be a good way to acclimate them to social situations too. 

Go for a sensory walk

Dogs have hundreds of millions of scent receptors in their noses. Allowing them to stimulate their sense of smell and explore with their nose will make them feel free and fulfilled. You’ll definitely need to walk slower than usual as your dog stops to sniff every little thing, but they’ll get some physical and mental exercise, which will eventually lead to a nice, cozy nap later.

Rub their belly or another favorite spot

Petting your pet seems obvious, right? Take some quality time to soothe your dog with a belly rub, a scratch behind the ears, or a neck massage. It’s easy to do while you’re watching TV or reading in bed, so there’s really no excuse for skipping this one.


We’re not talking about the dreaded nail clipper, although that is a necessary part of pet ownership. Create a spa day for your pet, including a massage of their joints, a relaxing brush session to get out all the uncomfortable knots, and maybe a few minutes under the warm blowdryer (assuming they aren’t scared of it).

Use these tips for your dog’s birthday, holidays, and whenever you feel like it because every pet deserves to be spoiled as much as possible!

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