Feb 12, 2024 | By, For Pet's Sake

Fun ways to spread the love to your pets this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not only for humans. After all, the strongest form of love is unconditional– the love many of us receive from our furry companions. Love expresses itself in various ways, and Valentine’s Day celebrates its presence in our lives by expressing gratitude to those who care for us the most. Our pets, who eagerly await our return home and are always thrilled to grace us with endless cuddles, add to the joy of the holiday. Here are some fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your beloved pet.

Spend extra quality time together

Quality time is undeniably the love language of our precious pets, and being attentive and close by is one of the most important gifts we can give them. Take your pet to their favorite park, add an extra few minutes to their daily walk, or bring them along for a car ride while running errands. Pets are made for companionship, and showering them with lots of attention keeps their tails wagging.

Make your pet some homemade treats

Switch up from their regular kibble to a new brand and add a few homemade treats for dessert to show them you care. An alternative to store-bought treats, healthy, homemade snacks enhance dental health, provide vital nutrients, and most importantly, encourage positive behavior. Turkey, eggs, and peanut butter (without artificial sweeteners) are doggy favorites, while cats are always pleased with a can of tuna. Your pets may not realize it is Valentine’s Day, but they’ll probably sense they are celebrating a special occasion!

Gift your pet a new toy

Who doesn’t love presents? A new toy from your pet’s favorite store is greatly appreciated and will keep them entertained both with and without you. Having a variety of interactive pet toys is crucial, as it prevents destructive behavior by alleviating boredom. You can’t go wrong with a pet gift basket of new toys and treats.

Teach your pet a new trick

Pets, too, become bored with their daily routines. Introducing a few new tricks keeps your pets mentally sharp and contributes to their overall health. Dogs can learn many impressive tricks, from giving high-fives to navigating an obstacle course. The agility spotlight not only shines on dogs; cats are particularly fond of “finding” tricks, especially those involving red laser pointers. Remember to reward them with their favorite treats for a paw-sitive performance.

Pamper your pet with a spa day

Grooming is essential for your pet’s health, and a shiny coat adds to the holiday festivities. It is recommended that dogs visit a professional groomer every six weeks, while cats are luckily self-grooming and mostly need the occasional nail clip. If you’re between grooming appointments, a soothing bath and extra brushing time provide a cozy activity for this chilly holiday.

Have a doggy date night

Like any relationship, date nights are a necessity to ignite the spark that keeps our bonds strong, especially for pets needing to socialize in unfamiliar environments. The hundreds of thousands of scents dogs retain during outings enhance their knowledge of the world, making them more intelligent and confident. Make your date even more special by checking out some of the many dog-friendly restaurants for a relaxing night on the town.

Strike a pose in a pet photoshoot

Treasure the lives you share with your pets by organizing a lighthearted pet photoshoot– a fun and silly way to capture your favorite moments together. Get creative! Reds and pinks showcase the holiday of love, but matching doggy pajamas, roses, and faux pet chocolates elevate cuteness overload to a whole new level!

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