Jun 15, 2024 | By, For Pet's Sake

Beat the heat: 5 ways to exercise your pet during the summer 

It’s hot outside, but the heat is no excuse to slack off on our fitness routines! Higher temperatures are here to stay for the next couple of months, however, there are more than enough ways to keep our pets active. Daily exercise for our dogs, cats, and every critter in between is key to staying healthy and physically fit. Here are some ways to keep your pet active during the summer, both in and out of the sun. 

  1. Enjoy sunrise and sunset walks: Soak in the breezes of summer while temperatures are lower with a lovely morning and evening walk with your pooch. With the beautiful backdrop of an illuminating orange sun, the cooler pavements will keep your pet from burning their precious paws. 
  2. Invest in indoor stimulation games: Cats and dogs can both benefit from brain training toys and activities, such as agility courses, laser pens, and scent work games. These activities will keep them moving around, release built-up energy, and, most importantly, keep them out of the heat. 
  3. Make a splash with water activities: Head to your local water park, or simply have some fun with your yard’s water hose or sprinkler! Your pet (maybe not your cat, but surely your dog) will enjoy running around in the water playing their favorite fetch and tag games during the hot summer afternoons, which will, in turn, guarantee them a peaceful night’s slumber later on. 
  4. Take a swim: Head to the pool, lake, or beach for a dip in the cool water to burn some calories and cool both you and your pet off. Remember, though it may come easy to some, it is a myth dogs are born with the natural ability to swim, so don’t forget to bring a life jacket! 
  5. Plan a pet playdate: Have a meetup with your pet’s favorite furry friend in a cool, indoor setting. With less time spent outdoors during the summer days, the presence of another animal is a fresh and exciting way to socialize your pet with more playtime adventures. 

Summer safety tips for exercising your pet 

For a safe, active, and fun summer, staying vigilant, aware, and out of the sun’s rays for prolonged periods is key to maintaining your pet’s physical health and fitness during the season of sunshine. 

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