Can dogs supper from separation anxiety


My dog Bella is a very timid, nervous but loving dog she came from a very bad situation. We have had her for almost a year now and she looks wonderful all of her hair has grown back and no more itching, we love her so much and she is such a part of our family, my vet says to give her time to settle in, she cries every
time I leave the house and I worry about her. I can be gone for 5 minutes and my husband says she sits on her window seat and cries until I return, she looks so very sad when I get ready to leave and crawls under my bed. When I come back she is so happy and wants me to hold her. Bella has helped my husband and I so much with the love she gives and I want the best for her. I have used lavender but it doesn’t seem to help. Thank you, judi

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Asked on Apr 01, 2019 11:31 am
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Thanks Judi for your question! I’m sorry to hear that Bella had a tough start to life but it sounds like she is in better hands!

Anxiety is a growing problem and it’s something i see more frequently in dogs with a tougher start to life! I would recommend having a board certified animal behaviorist come and work with you and Bella! A boarded animal behaviorist is someone who went through veterinary school like me but did an additional 4 years specifically for animal behavior issues.
Here is a link to check out !

You can also talk to your vet about anxiety medication but these are most effective when used in combination with behavioral modification with a behaviorist!

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Answered on Apr 11, 2019 2:04 pm
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