Jul 01, 2024 | By, For Pet's Sake

7 tips to keep pets safe during the fireworks season

The 4th of July and the events leading up to it are prime times for fireworks displays. While we humans gather to celebrate America’s birthday, the loud noises can be scary and potentially dangerous for our pets. It is also a time when many pets go missing. Pet owners need to be aware of the risks the holiday brings and keep a watchful eye on their pets.

Don’t let the noise scare your furry friends. Celebrate the holidays responsibly and keep your pets safe this Independence Day by following these tips:

  1. Keep pets inside: Loud noises cause anxiety in pets, and the sound of fireworks can potentially lead to them running away. It is best to keep dogs and cats inside a closed-off part of the home to muffle the noise and prevent them from escaping during fireworks displays. When leaving pets inside, make the area inviting with warm blankets, favorite toys, a few treats, and the constant presence of their favorite humans to distract them.
  2. Set off fireworks away from pets: You may be the lucky owner of a fearless pet, and though the sound of fireworks may not phase them, being near them is still a hazard. For pets eager to join in on the holiday fun, make sure they are leashed and away from any exploding fireworks.
  3. Exercise pets beforehand: Take your pet for a long walk and exercise them before the fireworks festivities to tire them out—they may be too sleepy to care about the loud sounds of firecrackers!
  4. Consider an anxiety vest: An anxiety or calming vest works by applying gentle pressure to your pet’s shoulders, back, and chest, releasing endorphins and alleviating stress. Practice wearing the vest beforehand to see how they adapt, and gradually calm them before upcoming fireworks displays.
  5. Keep all windows and doors closed: While dogs are typically okay in closed-off areas, cats are notoriously clever escape artists, and the loud noises of fireworks may trigger them to run off. It is especially important at night to ensure all doors and windows are closed to prevent your pets from escaping.
  6. Clean up all fireworks when finished: Pets love sniffing, chewing, and swallowing things they shouldn’t, so it is vital to dispose of all finished fireworks properly and out of reach of pets to prevent burns, choking, and illnesses.
  7. Keep microchips up to date: Independence Day has a high rate of missing pets. If your pet does wander off, updated identification chips are the best way to find them.

Like all holidays, extra people and noise can create a more stressful time for your pets. Enjoy Independence Day, but make sure everyone in your household is safe. Keep an eye on all pets during the fireworks displays and parties, and remember to snuggle them extra when the festivities are over!

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