Mar 15, 2020 | By, For Pet's Sake

7 St. Patrick’s Day activities to do with your pet

The holiday for pinching people who aren’t wearing green and kissing people because they’re Irish is almost here. Although you’ll probably want to skip kissing your pet, even if they do have Irish bloodlines, there are plenty of other activities you can do with your pet this St. Patrick’s Day.

A scavenger hunt for a pot of gold

An actual pot of gold means nothing to your pet, but you can easily make them search for something they’ll treasure. Hide-and-seek toys force your pet to look for smaller toys or treats stuffed inside a larger toy or container. These types of brain teasers can help strengthen your pet’s brain and improve their long-term mental health. 

St. Patrick’s Day running or walking events

This holiday is a common excuse for people to come together for some morning exercise before they consume a bunch of calories at their evening parties. Bringing your pet along for a walk will get them some great exercise and will tire them out so they sleep while you’re out having fun with your friends.

Join a parade

Start the party early with a St. Paddy’s Day parade through town. If you know somebody who will have a float in one of the local parades, try taking your pet along for the ride. On the flip side, be careful if you’re taking your pet outside after a parade has passed through because there might be some leftover trash they shouldn’t eat. Also be ready for fireworks, which can cause your pet some distress. 

Dress them up as a leprechaun

Whether you’re showing off your pet in public or just hanging out at home, a costume is a perfect excuse to capture some pictures and memories. Dress your pet in all green and try making them tolerate a hat for a couple of minutes so they look stylish for the holiday. You can dress up too and complete the ensemble.

Take them to a park

There aren’t many things that are greener than grass. What better way for your pet to enjoy the holiday than by frolicking with some friends in the spring sunshine?

Replace the corned beef with healthy treats

Traditional St. Patrick’s Day foods like corned beef and sausage are not safe for dogs because of the high sodium content. Too much salt can lead to sodium ion poisoning, as well as vomiting, high temperature, and seizures.

Instead of table scraps, give them plenty of their own treats so they feel loved while you’re cooking the dishes for yourself. Perhaps you’ve heard of Greenies? It’s a treat that freshens your pet’s mouth and is perfectly named for this holiday?

Choose a pet-friendly bar or restaurant for your holiday hangout

This is a great opportunity to bring your pet along for some extra attention from passersby and for you to eat some traditional St. Patrick’s Day dishes with a glass of Guinness to wash it down.

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