Sep 15, 2020 | By, For Pet's Sake

7 socially distant fall activities to enjoy with your pet

Summer is waning into fall, but the 2020 version of autumn isn’t going to be the same as in years past.  The activities you normally would enjoy may be restricted or canceled, so you’ll need to think a little outside the box when you’re spending time with your pets this fall. Here are seven ideas to get you started.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Searching for the perfect pumpkin is also a great way to take your pet for a walk. The dirt is soft on their paws, and farms are often spread over several acres where you can remain socially distant from others.

Carve pumpkins in the shape of your pet

After you’re done choosing your pumpkins, try carving them in the shape of your pet’s face or body shape. This might be easier if you have a strangely shaped dog (think corgis or dachshunds), but the challenge is worth it in the end. Black cats are traditionally included in Halloween decorations, so you may be able to find a stencil for your feline friend.

Get lost in a corn maze

In addition to pumpkin patches, farms often offer corn mazes during the fall months. Everyone completes these mazes at their own pace, so as long as you courteously walk past people in between the corn rows, you should be able to walk your pet and social distance in the fresh autumn air.

Take a walk in nature

One of the best features of the fall season is the colorful leaves. Go for a hike in the forest and appreciate the beautiful nature around you. Just beware of poisonous plants and slippery hillsides as you walk your dog through the wilderness.

Pick apples and make apple cider

Dogs can eat apples as a sweet treat. Bring them to the orchard to help sniff around for the perfect apples, and then experiment with recipes when you get home. Apple cider, apple pie, apple sauce, try it all before cozying up on the couch to enjoy a movie night after a long day’s work. 

Take a road trip to a warmer area

If you’re not a fan of colder weather, there are still plenty of places in the country that don’t get too chilly during the fall. Pack up your pet (assuming they enjoy car rides) and hit the road for a drive somewhere that feels like summer all the time.

Play backyard football

Fall means football, and whether your favorite team ends up playing this year or not, you can always enjoy the sport in the comfort and safety of your backyard. Teach your pet how to catch with an appropriately sized football or chase each other around the yard to see who can hold the ball the longest.

Don’t let social distancing ruin your schedule this fall. Despite the new rules, there’s still plenty to enjoy this season with your pets.

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