Nov 15, 2019 | By, For Pet's Sake

5 Thanksgiving Day safety tips for your pet

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with your loved ones and celebrate the season. Part of the fun of the holiday is seeing people you don’t always see and eating foods you don’t normally cook, like Grandma’s famous stuffing! Because Thanksgiving only comes once a year, your pet might not be used to the festivities, and their safety might not be top of mind with all the hustle and bustle of the day. Make sure to take some precautions so that your pet feels as comfortable as you do after a beautiful holiday meal.

1. Dangerous foods

For the most part, sticking to your pet’s normal food and treats is best for their digestion, though the occasional table scrap can be harmless. But there are some Thanksgiving foods that should be absolutely off-limits for the cats and dogs in the house.

– Stuffing often contains ingredients like onions, scallions, and garlic, all of which are toxic to dogs and cats. They can cause a life-threatening condition called anemia.
Turkey is not inherently dangerous to dogs, and it is sometimes a main ingredient in dog foods. However, when preservatives, sauces, and other additives are introduced to the meat, it increases the toxicity level.
– Don’t drop any bones from the turkey, either. Bones can cause indigestion, become lodged inside your dog’s digestive tract, or splinter and tear up your pet’s organs.
– Ham is another popular entrĂ©e that is bad for pets, potentially causing indigestion and pancreatitis.
– Mashed potatoes are another food that’s technically safe for animals, but butter and garlic make this Thanksgiving staple unhealthy for pets.
– If your salads include grapes or raisins, make sure those little bites stay on the table because if they fall into your dog’s mouth, they can cause kidney failure that can turn fatal.
– Xylitol comes in some sugar-free baked goods, and it can be deadly to pets.

2. Kitchen safety

Be cautious about where your pets are roaming throughout the cooking process. If you allow them in the kitchen, keep them away from the hot oven door and stovetop.

3. Decorations

Decorating the table with holiday-themed items makes for a great photo op. However, be careful leaving pets unattended near potentially dangerous decor, like candles! A low hanging tablecloth can attract your pet and provide access to the decorations and food, a potential dinner party disaster.

4. Trash

The same tip goes for trash cans. Keep them closed and, if possible, take them outside when they are full. No one wants their perfect pup digging through the trash bag.

5. Proper travel accommodations

If you plan on traveling during the Thanksgiving weekend, think about what your pet will need for the trip. Be sure to pack enough supplies for the length of your trip, including a bit extra for potential problems.

If you’re leaving your furry friend behind with a pet sitter, make sure your pet is comfortable with them before your trip. If they have pets, make sure they get along with yours.

If you board your pet in a place with other animals, make sure it’s a reliable and clean business, and verify your pet has all its vaccinations.

You want Thanksgiving to be the perfect bridge to Christmas, not the nightmare before Christmas. Use these tips to have a wonderful holiday with your pets and family.

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